What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of virus that was first identified in the 1960s. This virus can affect the human and animal both. Coronavirus is an infectious disease that can spread quickly from one person to another person. 

Currently, there are often mostly cases seen in the china of disease. WHO has been declared a global health emergency due to disease . There are approximately 361 deaths seen in china, and 17,300 cases noticed worldwide. 

disease oronavirus symptoms are similar to upper respiratory infection. You have to follow the safeguards to prevent yourself from this deadly virus. You should maintain a massive distance from the infected person. 

Symptoms of coronavirus – 

There are some symptoms mentioned by the health experts and WHO to recognize the disease . You should consult with the doctor as soon as possible if you are facing given below signs. 

These are common symptomms of coronavirus. You may come under the coronavirus if you are facing above mentioned symptoms. It would be best if you go for a medical test to identify that you are under it or not. 

Safety measurements- 

  • There is no vaccination available yet to cure the disease . 
  • It will help if you do the same things which you do to prevent yourself from common cold and cough. 
  • Must wash hands with luck warm water and alcohol-based sanitizer to overcome the impact of disease . 
  • You should keep your hands away from the eyes, nose, and mouth. 
  • You have to maintain the distance from the infected ones. 

Is coronavirus curable?

  • There is no vaccination and antidote available to treat the coronavirus. Scientists and health experts are trying to find a solution to treat d. 
  • You should consult with the doctor if you find any symptom of coronavirus because it can be treated at the initial stage. 
  • Same as you treat the common cold and cough.
  • It would be best if you are using masks in public populated areas. 
  • Take over the counter medicines for sore throat and fever. 
  • Get enough rest. 


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